Learn how to live more peacefully



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Rosemary – Teacher:
The MBSR course helped relieve the recurring headaches I’ve had most of my life. It has enabled me to continue a regular meditation practice, which other courses in the past have not inspired me to sustain. The benefits of regular meditation and the attitude shifts that occur while doing this course helped me to relax, accept and be more in tune with myself. I enjoy continuing to participate in the ongoing day retreats offered to earlier participants in the course by Michelle and Anja .

Having completed the eight week MBSR course I am very happy to recommend the overall quality of the teaching. I have taught myself with the help of two terrific facilitators how to live just a little differently each day – that is, mindfully.

Emma – therapist/mother/counselling student:
This 8 week course has given me the most precious present, it has helped me to find “peace “.  Before, life rushed past me in a blur, I was always busy. I now know how to be still, I found inner peace and it is oh so powerful.

Cassie – GP
I would highly recommend this 8 week course. I enjoyed every minute of the daily practice and the course. It provided a wonderful range of tools to help manage stress, keep calm and enjoy life more. I only wish it hadn’t ended!

Kerry – engineering draftsperson:
I found the MBSR course to be life changing… & all I had to do was follow Michelle & Anja’s curriculum.  My life had become quite hectic & complicated, a lot of which was out of my control. This resulted in me losing the strong resilience I had previously prided myself with. Over a short 8 weeks, I not only regained my intestinal fortitude, I also found an inner peace I’d never had.  I have to admit that I was concerned when the course finished that I may not have maintained the meditational practices…but that was unwarranted. I now look forward to waking up to start my day with the advantage of mindfulness. It allows me to lead a more centred life. I am no longer reacting….I am responding. I am making more rational decisions which has a wonderful ripple effect on the people in my life. My first Osteopath’s appointment  after I had done the course, reaffirmed the benefits. He was astounded that the tension was gone from my body. I can’t recommend MBSR highly enough.