Daily joy

‘Joy comes from touching things that are refreshing and beautiful, within and outside of ourselves.’

Finding balance

‘Let tiny drops of stillness fall gently through your day.’

Feeling relaxed

Even when life is busy, we can benefit from slowing down the pace a little; and we can also choose to build little ‘relaxation moments’ into our day.

Finding our balance

I find that the ability to centre ourselves into what we are doing, rather than feeling ourselves pulled in all directions, is one of the greatest gifts of mindfulness.

The soothing system – Part 2

Two key factors were involved in evoking the relaxation response – repetition, and disregarding other thoughts when they come to our mind.

Living in balance

For all of us there is a sweet spot, where we can balance a healthy sense of entitlement with awareness of the needs of others.

Relaxation mindfulness

Fortunately we can also learn what has been called by Herbert Benson the ‘relaxation response’ – our body’s ability to relax and regenerate.

Right effort – Part 2

Right effort is about finding the sweet spot between trying too hard, and giving up too easily.