Learn how to live more peacefully



Finding connections

The participants in the program discovered two kinds of connections – connections to other people, and connection to nature.

Stilling the mind – Part 2

Fortunately, mindfulness offers us a whole range of practices which can be very helpful when we are dealing with ongoing restlessness and anxiety.

Working with aversion

One of the challenges we face in our often busy lives is that many of our habitual patterns and coping strategies are happening below the level of our conscious awareness.

How hard can it be?

How hard can it be, to be mindful? After all, we’re already in the present moment – we haven’t time-travelled anywhere.

Therapeutic mindfulness

One of the most exciting developments in mindfulness over the past four decades has been its increasing use for therapeutic aims.

Catching the news

Meanwhile, I also want to relax, but it’s not easy to let go of the of the images and stories happening around the world.

At the tennis

It was the beginning of the fourth set, and the veteran tour player was finding it increasingly difficult to control his frustration as the young upstart broke his serve and then held with ease.