Learn how to live more peacefully



The middle way

The middle way is like a perfectly tuned violin string – not so taut that it produces a shrill sound, but also not too lose so it can’t be played on.

Enthusiasm for life

Throughout our daily work as doctors, we see the body’s “enthusiasm for life”.

Finding our balance

I find that the ability to centre ourselves into what we are doing, rather than feeling ourselves pulled in all directions, is one of the greatest gifts of mindfulness.

Living in balance

For all of us there is a sweet spot, where we can balance a healthy sense of entitlement with awareness of the needs of others.

Balancing excitement

Regardless of where we fall on the spectrum between hermit and party animal, we can all benefit from learning how to balance times of low and high stimulation.

Catching the news

Meanwhile, I also want to relax, but it’s not easy to let go of the of the images and stories happening around the world.

Balancing discipline and dogma

‘It seems to be human nature to take anything that works (ceremony for example) and then make it solid and rigid.’

Our internal balance sheet

‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.’ George Orwell, Animal Farm We all know people who bestride the world with an exaggerated sense of entitlement, as if they’re somehow special and the world owes them something. Others seem to be apologetic for their very existence, anxiously striving to ‘make up’ […]


  ‘Knowledge is full of labour, but love is full of rest.’ From The Cloud of Unknowing Imagine writing a song for every emotion you experience during the day. How many different songs would you need to compose? Would it be the same song repeated on an endless loop, or would you be flitting from […]